FIFA Tournament web app

It's time for another blog post and this time I would like to announce a new app that me and my colleagues at Isotop has been working on. Some of us are big fans of EA sports FIFA 2012 and sometimes we like to arrange tournaments against each other. Thats why we decided to build a web app to facilitate the administration of those tournaments.

FIFA Tournament APP

The app comes with the following features:

  • Add players, create teams and report matches.
  • Individual player ranking table (read "We have our own special rule" for more information)
  • Double and single team league tables
  • Player statistics
    • Player info
    • Recent matches
    • Win/loose/draw pie-chart
    • Historic ranking diagram

We have our own special rule

The rules are simple but a little bit different. The tournament is a race between individual players but you get individual ranking points on all kinds of matches(single, doubles or more). All players starts out with 1000 ranking points and when you win a match you earn 10% of your opponents ranking points. If you team up with another player, you can only loose as much as 10% of the lowest ranked player in your team.

Technical details and hosting

The app is built with Ruby on rails and jQuery mobile so you will need to have some basic programming skills to get the app up and running. We host our app on Heroku with the free account version.

You can find the source code on Github:

Getting started

1. Clone from Github.

$ git clone

2. Configure database
Rename the file config/database.yml.example to database.yml and configure it with the database you want to use. The defaults are configured to SQLite.

3. Configure app details
Open up config/environment.rb and set the name of your app. You can alsoe configure a custom header image and iPhone/android home screen icon, or just leave it to use the defaults.

FIFA::Application.config.app_name = 'My FIFA Tournament'
FIFA::Application.config.front_page_header_img_src = '/ui/custom/header.gif'
FIFA::Application.config.app_icon_src = '/ui/custom/iphone-icon.png'

4. Initialize app

$ bundle install
$ rake db:migrate

Start your server and you should be good to go. Happy gaming!


The app was built by my self, Björn Lennartsson and Fredrik Evertsson (and Nils Wikberg contributed with the idea for the 10%-rule).

Join in!

We would love to see other developers contributing to this project, so feel free to send in your pull requests on Github!

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